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The BluePrint – Design Your Dream Life is a framework to help you custom design, build and live the life of your dreams…a life that fits who you are and who you are becoming.  The framework uses the metaphor of designing and building a house to identify and focus on key “rooms” that are in need of focused attention.  It helps “architects” uncover areas of your life that have been buried and are robbing you of your authentic expression and the ability and energy to live the life of your dreams.

In our workshops and keynotes, we provide tips and techniques to help participants excavate ideas, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that are no longer useful to them and replace them with plans and strategies to live a life that “fits”.

Are you looking for strategies and tools to improve your overall quality of life? Do you sometimes feel like your life is on auto-pilot and you’re not even sure where you’re going? Do you need help clarifying your personal vision and mission?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, The BluePrint–Design Your dream Life  can help!

Most people don’t sustain the positive changes they make in their lives because they do it alone.  Well, not The BluePrint.  The framework helps you to maintain and sustain your forward progress through our online learning community.  Residents of the community include people with expertise and passion in areas that can help you architect and build the life, career, family or organization of your dreams! As the Chief Architect of the community, I want to create a robust environment, rich with resources, tools, tips, techniques and expert advice to keep you motivated and equipped. But I’m not the only expert.  I’ve pulled together my Dream Team to make sure that the content is accurate, insightful, informative and based on the latest research in the different areas.  And beyond that, YOU are also an expert in your own right. The good news is that in an active social learning community, no one person or group is the expert. We all learn from each other!  Your life experiences are valuable so we need to hear from you!

Let’s do it!



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