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What are you afraid of?

In Motivation on April 22, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Fear.  Perhaps the most debilitating word in any language. Such a small word for such a strong emotion and an even stronger ability to paralyze us in our tracks. Even though we’re adults now and we know that the boogey man doesn’t exist and that things are rarely as bad as we imagine them to be, fear still grips us and causes us to doubt the knowing voice that’s on the inside of us.  The voice that has seldom been wrong or off-track.  The voice that has been as constant as breathing and sometimes as life-sustaining.

I’ve learned that fear thrives in the dark. In those secluded places that we dare allow anyone to venture.  Those dark corners in the attics and basements of our lives. We’ve been too afraid to pull the cover off of it because we’ve come to believe that there really might be something there that can hurt us.  Well, it can’t.  We’ve made up stories in our minds and given the fear more power than it deserves or even warrants.  It’s only when light hits it that we realize that what looked like an old dead corpse was actually a wire hanger tangled in an upside down mop leaning against the wall. Fear is banking on you staying afraid instead of facing it head on.

Your source of light be a conversation with a friend or relative.  It might be God.  It might be an inspirational poem or blog post.  It might even be that genius voice inside of you whispering “turn on the light”. Whatever the light is for you and whatever gives you courage, turn it on.  Go on. Turn on the light.


You’re strong enough now!

In Motivation, Personal Insight on April 22, 2012 at 11:41 am

As I tried to write an encouraging email to a sister-friend this morning, I was reminded that lifes’ challenges can be a tremendous gift to us depending on how we see them and how we react to them.  Past hurts can remain buried underground in our psyche for years and then all of a sudden, there they are.  And it’s usually at the most inopportune time.  They remind us that we still have work to do but the mind is a powerful thing.  It keeps those things suppressed that at the time we might not be ready or able to deal with.  It’s the universe’s great little coping mechanism for dealing with trauma.

So if you know or believe that to be true, then what is the universe telling you when they begin to resurface?  I believe it’s God‘s way of saying “You’re strong enough to handle this now.  You are smart enough and capable enough to handle this now.”  It doesn’t usually feel like it at that very moment, but I believe it’s true.  If there are situations that you’ve been putting off or neglecting because you felt they were too hard or painful and they’re coming up now, that’s because it’s time to address them… NOW.  No matter how difficult or painful the are, look at them and resolve that you are going to handle them this time. You’re not going to put it back in the box and put it back on the shelf.  You are going to unpack it and deal with it once and for all.  You might need help and support.   You might need tools and strategies.  You will certainly need someone to help hold you accountable, BUT YOU CAN DO IT!  Those fears and limiting beliefs have been holding you back long enough.

Your dream life is waiting! Smooches~