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Stop Playing with your Ex-Box!!

In The BluePrint on March 6, 2012 at 4:23 pm

I ran across an interesting visual for a new sitcom and had to chuckle. I immediately had visions of my 25 (okay maybe 30) year-old self sorting through a box of sentimental letters, cards and gifts that had been given to me by an “ex”. I recall tears streaming down my face as I held the dried flower to my nose, half-expecting there to be some hint of fragrance after almost a year.  “CUT, kill the music”…and scene.

The phrase caught my attention because it’s one example of the many ways we saboutage our present and future by refusing to let go of the past. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe people and relationships should be discarded like old shoes. I’m still great friends with all, okay most,  of my exes and love them dearly.  But we’ve all moved on towards our dreams.  It’s not healthy to sit around fantasizing about what was or could have been. There must be some pretty obvious reasons why the relationship didn’t last, right?  And if they still mean that much to you, go get ’em!!! You never know. People change and maybe it can work this time.  I often share with people that my mom and dad married young, stayed together only five years, were divorced for about 20 years and remarried about 15 years ago and they couldn’t be happier. So stranger things have happened:-)   But if thats not the route you are led to take, then it’s time to toss your “ex-box”!  Get rid of the cards, emails, texts, naked pictures, dried flowers, pictures of you two on the beach, the toothpick that was in her pineapple on the frozen drink from your first date, the bag of hair from the first time you cut his hair…LOL…let it go!

Fond memories will always live on in your heart and that’s okay but don’t jeopardize your future by continually looking back. And the harsh reality was that my “ex” wasn’t at home crying, listening to Luther,  looking through an old box filled with things that reminded him of me. Time to stop playing with the “ex-box” boys and girls. We have grown up dreams to live!!