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Every House Needs A Foundation

In The BluePrint on January 25, 2012 at 11:33 am

I’ve been doing lots of reading, reflecting and writing.  One theme that keeps coming up for me as I contemplate my own dream life, is authenticity.  It strikes me that throughout our lives we do a lot of things based on scripts that have been imprinted on us since childhood. The types of partners we are attracted to, what we believe about ourselves and others, our political affiliations, what God we believe in or don’t, the value of money and hardwork…all of these ideas, concepts, values and believes can be traced back to a time in our lives when we were very unconscious of them and what they would eventually come to mean to us. 

Trust me, I’m all for traditions, rituals and family values.  They only pose a problem when they aren’t authentically our own.  When we have examined them against our own journey and destiny to determine their current usefulness.  As I, and  you, look to design and build the life of our dreams, one of the first steps should be to make sure we are clear about defining the Foundation.  The Foundation of your dream life represents the aspect that everything else will rest upon.  It is the part of the house that is least likely to shift and change.  It represents your area of stability. I’ve been careful in The BluePrint…Design Your Dream Life not to define that for you.  It can be Spirituality, Finances, Education, Family, Relationships, Career, Health/Fitness….it might be different for each of us but what it must be is authentic.  It must be yours.  It can’t be grandmas’ or mommas’ or daddys’ or husbands’ or anyone else’s otherwise it won’t adequately support YOUR life. So, as we go into 2012 and ponder the design for our dream lives, let us first get clear on The Foundation.  Make sure that you are building and living YOUR life not someone elses. 

Living the Dream,


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